Resident/Faculty/Alumni Selection

A call for nominations is sent to the entire AOA listserv (Gainesville and Jacksonville campuses). Residents and fellows must have completed one year of training and faculty must have been at UF at least two years. Nominators are asked to provide a letter of support and the CV of the nominee. Criteria for selection are based on professional achievement, service to the community, future promise (for trainees), professionalism, and a commitment to teaching.

Nomination Tips:

  • Any faculty, fellow, or resident you think is an excellent physician (someone you would entrust with the care of your family) could be a good candidate for AOA membership.
  • Check whether they are already in AOA by entering their name in this link make sure you click the “all members” box.
  • If they are not listed as a member, Sandi Reveille ( can help you obtain a copy of their CV. When you get the CV double check they are not a member as sometimes there has been a name change.
  • When you create the nomination letter, in addition to summarizing your personal interactions with the nominee that led to your nomination, please comment on their teaching excellence, leadership, service, and scholarly accomplishments or other evidence of professional achievement (and future promise for trainees).
  • Self-nomination is not allowed.

There is a separate selection committee that includes faculty, residents, and medical students. All members of the committee must be in AOA.  Nominees are discussed and a vote is taken. We may select up to 10 faculty, 25 residents/fellows, and 3 alumni each year. There is no limit to the number of chief residents that can be inducted but they must go through the same nomination process. For further guidance about the selection process, please refer to the AOA Constitution